Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mary Kay: A Chance to Add Your Voice to the Solution

Hello to all,
The link below gives the opportunity to voice your opinion. Not part of the solution? Then part of the problem. So far there are 54 people signed up for my location and time.

After studying Mr. Burke's words, what I found were excuses to do nothing. We've been doing nothing. Nothing has changed in Maryland since the late nineties. President Obama's primary plan is to level the playing field of all states, (The United States of America). This is the first step. This costs little or nothing for the government. It will however cost the insurance companies to change the infrastructure of their computer software. The insurance companies have been left to their own devices. That's what we have right now.

What we don't seem to get and hasn't been addressed are the millions-billions of dollars that are already being absorbed by health care providers for services that are not being paid for because of personal debt. This will only get worse. Have your credit card interest rates gone up? Has anyone paid down their balances only to have their credit limits reduced? All of my rates went up in May 2008, and there was nothing wrong with my credit, but now there is. Banks are charging good customers higher interest rates to pay for the defaults of others. That's exactly what health insurance companies have been doing all along. Taking advantage of younger, healthier individuals, and not covering pre-existing conditions.

Making health care more comprehensive will make a healthier society and that does not remove ones individual rights to make their own peaceful agreements with one another. I believe that ones health is not ordinary but rather extraordinary. Health is necessary to be happy, ones emotional and physical health is necessary to make a living, go to school, be a productive human being. Do you know why there are so many support groups for individuals who suffer from long term illnesses? Because they cause depression. The trickle-down effects of poor health are poor people. This is why I agree with Fred and Christa. We have a duty as a society to take care of our own and provide health care for the underprivileged. It will ultimately pay off by giving people hope who had little or none before. Taking care of our own is what sets us apart from third world countries. Third world countries also don't educate their people. "Mushrooms" keep them in the dark and feed them shit. Did you know that Mexico does not pay for their children to go to school past 6th grade. You must have a scholarship given by the pueblos. Any wonder they come to America?

Anyway, I've chosen to be part of the solution. For the first time in my life, other than election day, I feel like I can make a difference

Mary Kay

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