Saturday, August 22, 2009

Christa: The Cost Conundrum

Well, I'm sorry to see this devolve away from productive dialogue again in favor of partisan jabs. Most of these comments aren't really worth addressing, though if what any of you expect out of our government is one particular set of "moral absolutes" without compromise, I really do suggest you re-read the text of those documents included in the last e-mail one more time.

I was referred to an article called The Cost Conundrum recently, and wanted to share with you all as a part of this conversation. I'm still mulling it over, but found it to be thoughtful, thorough, and an interesting way to consider healthcare reform. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts if you have the chance to read it all the way through. The author touches on issues of medicare overspending that I think Fred and Cal raised, and studies several existing models that do and don't work.

I also wanted to ask a question/permission to share our conversation. Overall, I've been really interested in this discussion and I think it's made many of us consider the issue of health care much more in-depth than we would just talking about it with those who already agree with us. With all of your permission, I was thinking to informally publish this ongoing series of e-mails (without any addresses) in an informal blog, so that others (congresspeople, friends, etc.) can follow our discussion on the topic. It seems pretty rare to have such an articulate bunch of people (within the same family no less!) discussing these issues on both sides in such a thorough manner. If you don't want your words shared, I completely understand... just an idea. Let me know. If anyone strongly opposes, I won't do it.


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