Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cal: Time to Start Over in Earnest

Hi George and all.
You are correct. And I think it is time to put this very bad idea to rest and begin again. The proposed health care reform was not scheduled to begin implementation until 2011, anyway. It has been a blunder by the administration to attempt to push this bill through given the economic climate. Under normal circumstances arguing that this reform is needed to keep us from going bankrupt might have worked. But not after the meltdown and especially after the insanely expensive and unpopular "cap and trade" scam. Nancy and friends were so hell-bent on pushing their agenda they ignored economic reality. The President erred badly in turning these efforts over to Rahm Emanuel and congress. Now, he's dealing with the wreckage. It must not be passed now because it has become a mess. Time to start over in earnest and with an eye on the Constitution.

Wal-Mart, eh? Yes, I can see it now. Maybe a price war with Babies-R- Us, followed by a buy-out of Toys-R-Us. I purchased my $229.95 dutch oven at Wal-Mart for $35.00. Love that competition! The stew takes great, too.


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