Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cal: Some Truths Are, In Fact, Inviolable.

Hello Christa and all. No quarrel from me about sharing our collective ideas. But, yes, no addresses as I am certain some on our short list are finding their involuntary participation tedious.

Thanks for sending along “The Cost Conundrum”. (I notice in the first paragraph mention of “Lonesome Dove” which Marsha and I began re-viewing last night. And may I say that our Blue-Ray HD DVD player really does it justice. As some may know these players upgrade standard DVD’s to near HD quality and full picture. We just watched John Adams this way. Just gorgeous. And with HD DVD’s it’s even better.) Anyway, I’ll gladly pry myself away from the tube to read this article.

The Constitution is certainly a document born of compromise, but based on the moral absolute “that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”. After all the “pursuit of Happiness” was originally the “pursuit of Property”, a turn of phrase that was problematic since slaves were considered property. I don’t know history well enough to know who insisted on this change, though no doubt it was the delegates whose sensibilities were informed by the “created equal” assertion. Some truths are, in fact, inviolable.

My most fervent wish is that those we elect to represent us truly believe this. My most profound disappointment is that many , in both parties, appear not to. And even if they do, the powerful influences of lobbyists, special interests, and their own advisors stain their every utterance with doubt. I do not suggest that they are bad or immoral people (though many obviously are). But they take an oath to “serve, protect, and defend the Constitution”. Therefore, they should serve with moral absolutes planted firmly in their hearts. That’s what I expect of our government.

A fruitful Saturday to all. Especially corn, tomatoes, and peaches. Cal.

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