Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bruce: If You Think Quality Health Care is Expensive Now...

If you think quality health care is expensive now, wait until it's free.

While we're at it proving health care for all, let's guarantee 3 square meals a day, a roof over our heads, heat, clothing, cable tv, recreational facilities, and some type of employment that serves the common good. Wait a minute, that sounds like prison.

The CBO does not share your cost lowering assumptions. I doubt that you can find a consensus of credible financial forecasts that do either.

Bottom line, There ain't no free lunch. If the people we're not having such a large % of their incomes taken from them in taxes (much of which is needed to pay interest on the debt), there would be more $$ to pay for health care. Or would that money go to cigarettes, drugs, and gambling in our state run lotteries. It really comes down to people making good choices. Some will and some won't, and you can't legislate a change in human behavior.

I would like to see government fix the fraud and abuse in the current Medicare system before they venture further into a new arena.

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