Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cal: Reading Up on the Constitution

Thank you Bob. I think perhaps the President could do more for American health by mounting a “quit smoking” campaign with himself as poster child. But, hey, it’s a free country, right?

Of course most members of congress haven’t and won’t read the bill. And I wonder how many have read the Constitution since 8th grade history class. I’d bet very few. I also do not believe they allow the document to inform their thinking much either. Most are self-described Progressives, after all, which means that they view the Constitution as arcane and largely irrelevant; an quaint document that changes with the times. In their world everything is relative and there is no right and wrong; there are no moral absolutes. Not surprising in an arena where everything is a compromise. This flawed view naturally leads to corruption. Why wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I attach, for convenience sake, the text of the Constitution and Bill of Rights If you will re-read them you will one up on you representatives and, I suspect, The President.


The Constitution of the United States

The Bill of Rights

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