Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bob: Why is My Health Care Any of Your Responsibility?

Hi Fred,

My solution would be to ask Gov't to get out of business. Many from other countries come here for the best of care.

Why is my health care any of your responsibility?

I would like or Federal government to concentrate on national defense and foreign relations. Most of he balance of government should be returned to and left to the States. I admit that the millions of Federal employees would have to be added to the welfare rolls for many would find the transition to the private sector difficult.

If in the infinite wisdom of our public we decide to have some form of Universal Health card I would like to be sure that Congress is a participant.

I don't know what developed countries are. I still believe we were the best of all. The number of illegal people infiltrating our system seems to suggest much of the world still prefers to come here. I do admit I have no statistics on illegals sneaking in to European, African, Asian Countries. Fred, I suspect you are an expert on the subject as it relates to the Middle East.

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin is a quick read that offers a bit on the conservative side of politics.


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