Friday, July 24, 2009

Michael: Let's Do the Right Thing.

In a world that with the exception of a few small segments of zealously religious extremists, I think we can all agree 99% of us are for humanitarian rights and equitable treatment of human beings, (I have nothing against animals, don’t want to offend any PETA folks; but let’s stay on topic and just focus on people), that being said; federalizing health care is a wonderful idea. Citizenship in our advanced civilization is a very difficult thing. Protecting the framework of constitutional rights developed for a dramatically simpler society has proven to be daunting and becomes more and more challenging. We as a society have a tendency to overlook the key concept and the operative word as introduced above; “citizenship”.

None of us want to live in a socialist society, but are we too full of ourselves to recognize that we do want some aspects of that type of governing? We want a free society and the ability to make our own choices but we also we want the likes of an Energy Secretary that would stand up to oil conglomerates and regulate fuel prices to prevent gouging and price fixing… Let me know when we find that Energy Secretary. We do a great job regulating things like trans-fat and equine methane gas emissions, when do we focus our efforts adopting some federalization of basic needs staples; health care and energy. Socialism is not the answer but many aspects of it work when you can apply them without corruption. A tall order when you consider that with paid access; big business lobbyists already corrupt our system, but back to the point. We decided some time ago we needed to protect ourselves from ourselves. We can’t fix any of this until we have the 800 lb gorilla removed from the room. That’s fine, let’s just be a little selfish in the beginning and smart about it. Re-align taxes, stop talking about all the tax breaks being for the wealthy, of course they are; the wealthy are those already paying all the taxes in our country, how can we truly provide tax breaks to folks that don’t pay any taxes to begin with? Beyond the easy cost saving fixes like no longer absorbing the cost of policing the entire globe with our Military and providing continued economic assistance to countries like Mexico, (I have nothing against Mexico, not singling them out…), but they are a border country and one of wealthiest countries in the world, (in the top ten), and they do not provide any public assistance to their own people while accepting 13-15 million from the USA annually for just that purpose; where do their sick, poor, huddled masses go? They are forced to immigrate to the US and illegally most of the time. We as tax payers pay twice to assist these immigrants. The USAID provides globally in excess of 3.5 billion of your tax dollars via their EFS and TRTA programs to other countries for a myriad of reasons, regional political stability, public assistance, industrial development; you can see their budget and the individual break down online; you may agree with much of the assistance and the recipients but I believe you will disagree with many of the recipients and huge portions thereof. (North Korea was on that list) If we simply maintained and put first American tax paying citizens, (there’s that group of folks we keep forgetting about) the ones who pay in all the monies to provide all the worldwide benefits to non-American, non- taxpaying individuals, if we kept even 30% of this at home we could not only pay to nationalize and have the best healthcare in the world; but also restore that other severely crippled fund, social security. I believe myself to be charitable, I believe as a society we are by nature charitable, but its amazing how quickly a circumstance will change. I’ll give you the shirt off my back, but when you try and take it from me; I’ll fight you for it. Let’s do the right thing. Stop asking American citizens to pay more when our government has already borrowed from the same tax paying base; loans it will/can never repay. I personally will have been paying taxes and contributing to social security for 50 years at time of my own retirement, based upon early estimates I will be able to enjoy the benefit of SS payments for almost 21 months before social security bankrupts.

Thanks all, just shy of two years is probably all I should need after paying in for half a decade. Provide me the rights guaranteed to me by my forefathers; develop a flat tax so that everyone is equally effected and doing their part big or small, stop excessive global distribution of our tax dollars, and you will have the ability to pay for and regulate health care and provide many other services to tax paying American citizens without stripping them of their rights. Do this, and watch the monies continue to flow globally to those in need. You will be proud and impressed about how charitable American tax paying citizens can/will be when you allow them to give their shirt rather than taking it from them. Sorry I was all over the board, not really a blogger and multi tasking at work while writing this…


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