Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cal: September 12 Tea Party

Hello folks.  I promised a report on our experience at the DC March on the Capitol.

We joined a gathering of very enthusiastic citizens on the West Lawn.  I don’t know how many were there but I have been to July 4th fireworks, concerts, Earth Day, and Vietnam War protests on the Mall and this crowd was comparable in both size and spirit.  Certainly far larger than any football stadium could hold.

As I expected, everyone was very civil (zero arrests).  Also as I expected, and no doubt re-assuring to all, was the complete absence of any racial element to the program or amongst the protesters.  There were a few vulgar signs but most were clever and concise.  There were old folks, older folks, kids, young adults, men, women of all races.  And the only sign of organization of the attendees was that people were encouraged to join others from their state of origin, though the gathering areas were never identified.

Issues included big government, excessive spending, health care reform, bailouts, and most of the protest was aimed at the Congress more than the President.  If there was one outstanding sentiment it was the mortgaging of our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.  It was clear that the protesters were there to demand the needed corrections to social Security and Medicare, illegal immigration, and the contraction of the federal government.

Speakers included a few politicians (current and former), a few performers, one or two celebrities.  No one from any of the TV networks spoke, including Fox News, though the crowd was chanting for Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

Lastly, this was not a “lock-step” group.  Lot’s of diverse points of view were represented and there was even some uncomfortable stirring and booing when some more strident views were expressed.  This was clearly NOT a right wing fringe group, but rather a frustrated and thoughtful cross section of Americans who are concerned by the nations rapid drift to socialism and growing government.

I am curious how the event came across in your areas.  I think a healthy discussion of the “fundamental changes to America” as promised by the President and pushed by the progressives might be in order.  What say you?


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